The college cook feat. Ore-Ida Totchos!

Unfortunately I am not blessed with a kitchen at my dorm and I have yet to find the community kitchen. During theses times some unorthodox methods are needed in order to make it. What better way to start my attempt at college cooking than think of something to do with Oreida’s new totchos, after all I received a coupon from influenster and I like tater tots? If I can successfully sneak in my toaster oven this could work!

Now you will make what I call “Pseudo-nacho-tots”

You will need

  • toaster oven (hide this from the residence directors and assistants)
  • shredded cheese (mozzarella is best)
  • sliced hot dog, sausage, frozen meatballs or whatever you have.
  • any extra canned or frozen veggies that might make this better such as bell peppers or onion maybe even corn.
  • tin foil
  • spray-able cooking grease
  • of course Oreida’s very own totchos.

Follow these directions at your own risk.

  1. line the rack with tinfoil, put on the frozen totchos and turn on the toaster oven to highest heat.
  2. while the the tots are cooking (you must check them from time to time at turn them) cut up  however many hot dogs you want into pieces, I prefer very thin slices and only one hot dog (they don’t grow on trees)
  3. when the tots are nice and golden brown carefully pull the rack out a bit and liberally apply mozzarella cheese.
  4. pop them back into the toaster oven till the cheese is bubbly and melted, this shouldn’t take long
  5. carefully take the tots out by gripping the foil that you used to make a make shift pan.
  6. use a fork, chopsticks, or whatever junk you have in your room and enjoy your meal as you wistfully think about how good food tastes at home.
  7. maybe make a trip to the dining hall if this doesn’t work out for you!

New school and life update…

I haven’t posted since around new year since since a lot has gone on since then. My whole family recently moved (at last). We also suffered the death of my great uncle R.I.P. After all that chaos we still found time to pack up and buy the last supplies for my dorm. Now I am pretty much settled in waiting for my roommate to finally arrive since all I have from her are some messages. Class begins tomorrow and my schedule is jam packed especially since class has been bumped forward because of the massive blizzard that hit us this past weekend. All I hope for this semester is that it goes smoothly and I make some meaningful new friends and maybe. This would probably be better illustrated as a list.

  • make some new friends
  • join at least one club
  • possibly find a job
  • get good grades
  • hopefully get in the nursing program
  • eat healthier (yes I know college is the worst place to do that)
  • squeeze in exercise somehow
  • learn to speak up more

Free samples

As many college students can agree stuff is expensive out there! Books, school supplies, and necessary odds and ends for dorm life. When I find out that something will cost me little or no money I jump at the opportunity like a coupon-hungry savings monster. This time around I was lucky enough to score the Jingle vox box from; I received a homecoming vox box months earlier.They did not disappoint me with 6 good sized samples and a coupon for free Ore-Ida tater tots. So far I have already tried the cetaphil facial moisturizer, and it worked exactly how I expected it to. I have very dry skin so it worked like a charm so i’ll buy it when I get a chance. The kiss lashes false eyelashes look promising since they boast a natural appearance, which I am a fan of. I also receive nyc eyeliner in dark brown, pure ice nail polish in a lovely dark blue, a cute Rapunzel itty bitty doll from hallmark, and 3 delicious packets of biscoff cookies. I happen to like all of the items provided and it’s refreshing to give companies feedback. and who doesn’t like free stuff?

Highway? No way!

yesterday was the day that I had been dreading for a while. I watched a multitude of how to videos on driving using the highway. I decided to make a cup of tea to calm myself down and soon I ran off and had a mini panic attack . I was really and truly scared, would I pass or would my stupid nerves get ahead of me? after letting out my frustration I did feel a little better getting of that steam so that I don’t inflict that burden on my poor driving instructor, but I didn’t feel anymore ready. There is a lot at stake right now but I need to keep my eye on the prize or accept the bus as my fate… I finally went to the driving class and my instructor told me that I was probably not ready to do highway driving yet. To my surprise he informed me that all of our driving sessions were graded (which is odd considering that I had never driven before but they were expecting me to know about driving) My mom was upset about this for a good reason; we were under the impression that the lessons were not graded, but they will not give my certificate until I pass. Since I am going away to school soon (back to university life) my next driving session will be postponed. Until then my driving journey is at a standstill.

To Be Continued …

Driving me crazy…

One of the things I have yet to do at age 19 is know how to drive. While most of my peers are zipping around and taking the roads by storm (okay not really its not even that serious) I’m bus ridden for what seems like forever. Because of  a bunch of excuses, divorcing parents and ultimately going away to college I never got around to learning how to drive until recently. This past July I attended drivers ed, although I had my permit since that December (I was away at college, then I had work in DC) The classroom session was fine, although the teacher was a piece of work, he challenged us so I appreciate his effort. The hard part came with the behind the wheel portion of the lessons. Although I finished the class in July they could only fit my behind the wheel session to September. I was able to attend the first session and let me tell you it was the most stressful experience I’ve had in a while. Since it was the first time I had ever driven a vehicle and I had absolutely no idea what to do I was shocked when my instructor took me out to drive on the road instead of just practicing in the parking lot. I was panicked and tense after that ordeal. Unfortunately the next 2 sessions got  in the way with my classes at community college so after a lot of confusion my next sessions were shifted all the way to December 7th and tomorrow January 4th. My December appointment went okay since it was just parking and turning practice nothing to really be scared of. I was only nervous when he made me turn onto the actual road, mind you I had only practiced in the parking lot with my dad this whole time. The instructor said I was okay but warned me that if I didn’t overcome my nervousness by the next session I would not pass which kinda made me more nervous honestly. So from that time until now I still did not have the driving practice I need since my mom was unable to take me driving and I could not see my dad as often. I did go out driving with him today and we drove to the post office and it was way less scary. still I am nervous for tomorrow because I was told that the instructor would take me driving on the highway which is a shock considering how I’m a total amateur on the local road. I’m doing everything in my power to stay calm and hope that I pass tomorrow. I will update tomorrow and hopefully it will be positive!

2016 here I come

Of course  I had to join the swarm of New Years posts because 2016 is upon us and it is exciting, and scary all rolled up into one glittery package. 2015 was definitely an interesting  year (as they all seem to be). I’ve met some amazing people and had the misfortune of cutting out some toxic people (thankfully it was an extremely  low number) To avoid my usual  failure  to complete my new years resolutions I will employ some more realistic  standards. Instead of saying “be less scared” I’ll try promise to go out of my comfort zone at least once. Instead of “lose a substantial  amount of weight” I will sign up for P.E class that will force me to get up and exercise  for the sake of being healthy  not trying to fit a swim suit better. and most of all I will try to be nicer to myself by putting my self down less. Anyways Happy New Year to all!!!

Brightening up finals week

I’ve been a bit busy for a while as I am whipping out essays and studying for finals (college amirite?) during study breaks I’ve been working on my promise to put up more creative things. Here I have posted a doodle gone rogue. I drew it up after  getting the idea to incorporate zentangle patterns into a picture from Pinterest (I could browse it for hours dreaming up a storm)IMG_1395 [223228]