Pre-birthday musings

Today is my last day of being 19 and I can say that this was definitely an interesting year. It feels like my 19th birthday was just yesterday, it’s crazy. Now I am accepting 20 with open arms because I know that there is a lot in store for me. I have yet to take my drivers license test which is next Saturday so hopefully I start my 20th year with my drivers license at last! I am grateful to have gotten in the nursing program and it is going well so far, there is a lot of material to study but that is something I accepted coming in. I do know that I with hard work I can achieve a promising career in whatever field of nursing I choose. I also will try harder to strengthen my current relationships and branch out more to people as I have already started to do. This year I want to try some new things and take some risks by going out of my comfort zone which can be as small as speaking up more. I will also to make sure that nobody makes me feel bad for working so hard and studying so much. Basically  I still have some growing up to do and that’s fine I’m excited to see what 20 will bring me!


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