Rise and Grind

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything, I can be a bit flaky when it comes to writing and that is okay. Since my last post I finally finished drivers ed (whew) and somewhat conquered my fear of driving on the highway. My driver’s license appointment is in October and I can’t wait to finally hold a license in my hands and feel the freedom of the road (once I finally get a car). The nursing program has already began for me and it’s not at all easy like I suspected, but I can firmly say that most if not all the members of my nursing class are an incredibly nice group of people. We all have a sense of solidarity even though we are all from different walks of life. I also have a new roommate since my previous one transferred out last minute. My new roommate is nice and respects my space, for the most part. She is however completely different from me personality wise, which is totally fine. While I am introverted and take my time in warming up to people, she is a social butterfly with a whole squad of friends. Me on the other hand has a very small circle of really close people. For the most part this works out fine, but I get the feeling that she believes that I am boring or that she pities me. Since I am a nursing major taking 19 credits this semester, that does not leave me with much time to hang around. Typically I’m always doing school work and my workload isn’t even in full swing yet. Now she sees me in the room studying and exclaims that I need to get out more (I do, but geez harsh) she then invites me to some party the African club at my school is having off campus. Point blank I do not want to go, especially since the whole thing seems like some pity tagalong setup. Second I don’t like to get in a car with people I don’t know ,call me lame but I can’t put my life in somebody’s hands like that willingly. There are a plethora of reasons not to go, so I’ll just say that I’m not going. I will make a better attempt to join a club this semester and also get closer to my nursing buddies. I might even take myself out of my comfort zone and even join the ballroom dancing club who knows! I am trying my hardest however to stay focused these last 2 years and at the end of it I will be a registered nurse with lots of dreams.


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