driving me crazy part 2: life update

Two months ago I was contemplating switching majors to biology since I was still on the waiting list for the nursing program at my school. Since then a lot has happened. I was finally admitted to the nursing program to begin in the fall! After closing from school in mid May I have been doing the things that I need to start clinicals in the fall. This consists of passing online training, getting a background check, drug screening, cpr training and more. It’s a  lot, but it will all be worth it. I also had a wonderful GPA of 3.91 which shocked me very much after a hard semester dealing with Anatomy and Physiology. This summer I hoped very much to get a job like last summer; I worked for the Handwork Studio in D.C. since moving I am too far to commute there but I do wish I had applied to work there because some employment would have been nice. I applied to many stores that are in my area, but the only place that replied was Torrid, a plus size store at the mall. I went in for my interview in May and sadly did  not get a call back, which was sad, but maybe stems from the fact that I dont have much retail experience, I mostly have childcare experience. I may just try babysitting just to make a little money to help me pay for all the supplies I need for the nursing program. Another goal of mine this summer is to finally finish drivers ed. I long finised the classroom portion of my education, but because of school and scheduling issues I am just now attending my last behind the wheel portion of the class. It will be rather scary because they will take me on the higway for my first time but I am trying to remain calm and collected. Yesterday my dad let me drive his car to the dollar store and back since it is just a 10 minute drive from his house. I was much better than I was in the fall and I remained calm. This past winter I was supposed to have my last drivng session and go on the highway, but I postponed it since I was scared out of my mind. This time I really need to be strong and believe in myself and soon I’ll join the driving population! Wish me luck.


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