Nursing program update: will I continue?

I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything, but I have been very busy with my schoolwork. In February I had said that my nursing program application was still processing. In mid to late March I finally did get a response that was bittersweet. Thankfully I was not outright rejected but I was placed on the waiting list. It was kinda of sad to hear because I am the sort of person that just expects academic success for somebody who has always achieved it was a bit of a hard pill to swallow. This is especially sad because I applied to the nursing program last semester as well (knowing that I did not have the prerequisites yet but I was so excited) and of course I was rejected. My adviser among others assures me that I am a good student and that I should not worry since she believes that I am a strong candidate yet she has suggested to me several times that a major change would be a good idea which does worry me a bit to be honest. She pushes Health Science a lot as a major, and while it is a nice subject job prospects can be slim. What makes it worse is that Fall registration has already started last week and after still not hearing anything about my status on the waiting list I worry that this fall I will be wasting my time taking a few courses since I would have already completed my prerequisite courses for the nursing program. Some people suggested that I take a gap semester to work while I apply again which is not an idea that I like very much since I aim to graduate on time. My mom called me the other day and echoed the worries that I already had for my college career, she knew that I would feel cheated if I take health sciences or a semester off because both options would make me graduate later than I planned. After our conversation I came to the conclusion that I would consider switching to be a biology major (like I originally came to college to be). I would do biology since a good amount of the prerequisites that I have already taken can apply to the major. It is also pretty flexible since I can even take the coursework in the summer or winter breaks and it could potentially make me graduate a whole year earlier if I play my cards right. after I graduate I could have my pick of programs to enter. As a biology major I could choose optometry school; since I also completed nursing prerequisites I can actually enter a nursing masters program for the people that were originally non nursing majors. I will see a general adviser this Wednesday to weigh the possibilities and finally register for fall classes. I am hopeful that things will finally come together. This kind of struggle is not new to college students at all so if anybody reads this know that sometimes what you plan to do will not be the thing that you finally do and that is okay.


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