a period of Grief


This past weekend I made the trip home to attend the wake keeping of my grandfather’s eldest brother. I remember hearing the sad news a month ago and we visited my grandfather everyday to comfort him. What saddened me the most is that I never got to know him since I last saw him as a baby and I missed out on seeing him  this December because I couldn’t make the trip back to Cameroon.  On Sunday , the day after the wake keeping, we went to visit my grandmother’s younger sister who flew here fall 2015 because of an unidentified illness. The last time I saw her months ago she was stronger and could at least walk and talk. I was shocked to see the poor state she was in recently. It was terrible she had lost significant weight, all her hair was gone and she couldn’t talk let alone look at us. I learned that I was Ovarian Cancer that look her life. My family gathered around to pray for her and offer words of encouragement.  As they were telling her she would get better I knew in my heart that she wouldn’t , but I tried to brush that feeling off and think positive like I usually try to do. Today as I was doing my homework, my sister called and as soon as she said there was bad news I knew immediately what it was. I feel terrible pain right now but nothing can rival how my grandma and the her sister’s children feel right now. All I can be right now is grateful that she is finally not in pain anymore and I regret not being able to know her better. I just saw her and she is gone just like that . Life is unfunnily funny like that . May she rest in peace. ❤ ❤ ❤


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