The college cook feat. Ore-Ida Totchos!

Unfortunately I am not blessed with a kitchen at my dorm and I have yet to find the community kitchen. During theses times some unorthodox methods are needed in order to make it. What better way to start my attempt at college cooking than think of something to do with Oreida’s new totchos, after all I received a coupon from influenster and I like tater tots? If I can successfully sneak in my toaster oven this could work!

Now you will make what I call “Pseudo-nacho-tots”

You will need

  • toaster oven (hide this from the residence directors and assistants)
  • shredded cheese (mozzarella is best)
  • sliced hot dog, sausage, frozen meatballs or whatever you have.
  • any extra canned or frozen veggies that might make this better such as bell peppers or onion maybe even corn.
  • tin foil
  • spray-able cooking grease
  • of course Oreida’s very own totchos.

Follow these directions at your own risk.

  1. line the rack with tinfoil, put on the frozen totchos and turn on the toaster oven to highest heat.
  2. while the the tots are cooking (you must check them from time to time at turn them) cut up  however many hot dogs you want into pieces, I prefer very thin slices and only one hot dog (they don’t grow on trees)
  3. when the tots are nice and golden brown carefully pull the rack out a bit and liberally apply mozzarella cheese.
  4. pop them back into the toaster oven till the cheese is bubbly and melted, this shouldn’t take long
  5. carefully take the tots out by gripping the foil that you used to make a make shift pan.
  6. use a fork, chopsticks, or whatever junk you have in your room and enjoy your meal as you wistfully think about how good food tastes at home.
  7. maybe make a trip to the dining hall if this doesn’t work out for you!

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