New school and life update…

I haven’t posted since around new year since since a lot has gone on since then. My whole family recently moved (at last). We also suffered the death of my great uncle R.I.P. After all that chaos we still found time to pack up and buy the last supplies for my dorm. Now I am pretty much settled in waiting for my roommate to finally arrive since all I have from her are some messages. Class begins tomorrow and my schedule is jam packed especially since class has been bumped forward because of the massive blizzard that hit us this past weekend. All I hope for this semester is that it goes smoothly and I make some meaningful new friends and maybe. This would probably be better illustrated as a list.

  • make some new friends
  • join at least one club
  • possibly find a job
  • get good grades
  • hopefully get in the nursing program
  • eat healthier (yes I know college is the worst place to do that)
  • squeeze in exercise somehow
  • learn to speak up more

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