Highway? No way!

yesterday was the day that I had been dreading for a while. I watched a multitude of how to videos on driving using the highway. I decided to make a cup of tea to calm myself down and soon I ran off and had a mini panic attack . I was really and truly scared, would I pass or would my stupid nerves get ahead of me? after letting out my frustration I did feel a little better getting of that steam so that I don’t inflict that burden on my poor driving instructor, but I didn’t feel anymore ready. There is a lot at stake right now but I need to keep my eye on the prize or accept the bus as my fate… I finally went to the driving class and my instructor told me that I was probably not ready to do highway driving yet. To my surprise he informed me that all of our driving sessions were graded (which is odd considering that I had never driven before but they were expecting me to know about driving) My mom was upset about this for a good reason; we were under the impression that the lessons were not graded, but they will not give my certificate until I pass. Since I am going away to school soon (back to university life) my next driving session will be postponed. Until then my driving journey is at a standstill.

To Be Continued …


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