Driving me crazy…

One of the things I have yet to do at age 19 is know how to drive. While most of my peers are zipping around and taking the roads by storm (okay not really its not even that serious) I’m bus ridden for what seems like forever. Because of  a bunch of excuses, divorcing parents and ultimately going away to college I never got around to learning how to drive until recently. This past July I attended drivers ed, although I had my permit since that December (I was away at college, then I had work in DC) The classroom session was fine, although the teacher was a piece of work, he challenged us so I appreciate his effort. The hard part came with the behind the wheel portion of the lessons. Although I finished the class in July they could only fit my behind the wheel session to September. I was able to attend the first session and let me tell you it was the most stressful experience I’ve had in a while. Since it was the first time I had ever driven a vehicle and I had absolutely no idea what to do I was shocked when my instructor took me out to drive on the road instead of just practicing in the parking lot. I was panicked and tense after that ordeal. Unfortunately the next 2 sessions got  in the way with my classes at community college so after a lot of confusion my next sessions were shifted all the way to December 7th and tomorrow January 4th. My December appointment went okay since it was just parking and turning practice nothing to really be scared of. I was only nervous when he made me turn onto the actual road, mind you I had only practiced in the parking lot with my dad this whole time. The instructor said I was okay but warned me that if I didn’t overcome my nervousness by the next session I would not pass which kinda made me more nervous honestly. So from that time until now I still did not have the driving practice I need since my mom was unable to take me driving and I could not see my dad as often. I did go out driving with him today and we drove to the post office and it was way less scary. still I am nervous for tomorrow because I was told that the instructor would take me driving on the highway which is a shock considering how I’m a total amateur on the local road. I’m doing everything in my power to stay calm and hope that I pass tomorrow. I will update tomorrow and hopefully it will be positive!


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