difficult decisions

Currently I am faced with some difficult decisions on what to do with my schooling this coming semester with my mom suddenly wanting to move to either Georgia or Texas at the most inconvenient time possible, right in the middle of the school year, basically after this semester is over. Currently she is pushing me to just take online classes and start at a new university in the fall semester, but it’s the last I want to do. It would be ultra stressful to simply move in to university as soon as we move because my mother has a lot to worry about and the last things she needs is to help me move in to my dorm. Another option is to stay at my community school here with my father and let them move and join them in May in order to start school in the fall. Of course it would be weird to stuck here with my dad while my siblings are so far, but so far it seems to be the most promising if I am not able to go to university this spring. Of course I am bummed that I didn’t get in the nursing program at the school in Maryland that I applied to, which makes me want to consider not being a nursing major anymore because I feel horribly discouraged. I was comfortably in the nursing program at my previous school, I was gonna room with my best friend and I am heartbroken  that I gave that up for this wild goose chase. I don’t want to a brat but I’m obviously upset with my mom for convincing me to go to community college in hopes of moving somewhere new and exciting yet she has no idea what state she even wants to move to. so even if i want to start school in the spring, I don’t even know what schools to apply to. I’m more upset with myself, however as now I’m left with the question, what now? where do I go from here? I don’t even want to a nursing major and I have no earthly idea what I even want to do, but everybody has an opinion on what they think I should do. All i know is that i have a lot of thinking to do.


2 thoughts on “difficult decisions

  1. cicorm says:

    “All i know is that i have a lot of thinking to do.” This is the line I like best, godantali! We need to weigh the important, and decide rationally. Good luck! 🙂

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