how’s my first week going so far?

Naturally I had to write a follow up to my almost excitement for the school year to begin. Like many young adults I shall ensue some whining and complaining with a bit of reflection thrown in. This is my first year ever as a community college student since I spent my freshman year in a private 4 year university. This university with a staggering tuition of $43,000 was just too much to handle even with my generous financial aid I was taking on loans of $16,000+ which adds  after 4 years. Seemingly last minute after looking at my financial aid prospects for this school year I was horrified to find that the tuition had gone up (gasp what a surprise!) and it was too late to process a transfer to a public university that I should have just gone to in the first place. Honestly my reason for going to this school was not well thought out and I suffered the consequences of my hasty decision. I was lured by the small campus, the intimate feel, and the prestige of a private school. Basically I expected too much from my freshman year as a whole and I needed a break form this environment and especially my nightmarish former roommate who I’ll elaborate on another time. And since I missed the deadline I decided to go to community college and save a little money while trying to figure my life out, which is not easy for a nursing major. I’m learning new things while I’m here like taking the public bus and walking my out of shape body 15 minutes to and from the bus stop. My first day at this school was decent my teacher was cool and I only needed to stay for one class then go home. Today was a different story, after seeing an old friend form high school, and realizing how far apart we may have grown, it dawned on me how alone I felt knowing that I was starting from scratch in a new place since making new friends never came easily to me. After this class I trudged down to the bus stop to take my shuttle to the larger campus 20 minutes away and I waited in the hot sun for an hour after missing the 1st shuttle. when I finally arrived at the other campus I was blown away by its size and population. It was not too bad after that, although navigating around to find my class was quite something, everything went by smoothly. When I had to take the bus to my house from this campus I sat through an hour of various people getting on and off the bus it was both scary and enlightening. I am learning a lot from this unexpected turn in my college career. Alas I still miss living in the dorm, but for right now I’ll live in the moment and find the best in my current situation; I could surprise myself.


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