Are you really too old to have fun?

So yesterday I was watching Yo Gabba Gabba with my little sister (I know it’s sad, i’m too old for that stuff) and I realized that even though the show is obnoxious, it’s actually kinda therapeutic (those pesky contradictions!) on the outside i’m annoyed by their fluffy songs I mean is it necessary to write a song about not biting your friends? Yet i’m still sitting there watching it instead of changing the channel to something cool and grown up. As soon as I let go and stop thinking about how stupid kids shows can be, I actually find myself very relaxed. There’s no dramatic story lines, depressing news,  or scandal there’s only colorful characters and their colorful adventures. Once in while it’s perfectly good to do kid stuff because it takes you back to that comforting little world of childhood. Go to the playground for a little bit (just don’t be that old weirdo who scares all the little kids) when you stop thinking and just feel the joy it’s the best feeling in the world.


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